Albums I've been involved with:

The Heavy Horses - With Darkness In My Eyes (2019)

Musician - Vocals/Guitar/Piano

JP Harris - Why Don't We Duet In The Road (Again) (2019)

Musician: Guitar (electric & acoustic)

Sarkastodon - Phonomontage (2017)

Musician: Guitar - Aalis (Cover of 'Alice' by Tom Waits)

Sarkastodon - A Distortion of the 2nd Harmonic (2014)

A very quick and fun session one snowy afternoon playing on some hip-hop and instrumental tracks.

Musician: Guitar - "Scary Ladies" | Bass - "Dark Meat"
Sherman Downey & The Ambiguous Case - The Sun In Your Eyes (2013)

Winner - 2014 Music NL - Pop/Rock Album of the Year
Winner - 2014 Music NL - SOCAN Songwriter of the Year
Nominated - 2014 Music NL - FACTOR Album of the Year

"Ten songs that tell tales of love and heartbreak, law breaking bandits, and fabled pro-Soviet dancers, all wrapped up in a catchy and folky style." - Lukas Wall (

Musician: Mandolin
Julia Bentley - Out of Reach (2013)

An album of piano driven pop songs from Toronto based singer and songwriter.

Musician: Guitar (electric & acoustic) / Bass
The Heavy Horses - Murder Ballads & Other Love Songs (2012)

Nominated - 2013 ECMA - Country Recording of the Year
Nominated - 2013 Music NL - Folk Artist of the Year

"The Heavy Horses are sort of like Johnny Cash meeting Clint Eastwood in a dark alley, mixing the best parts of a dusty country record and an old western movie." - Lukas Wall (

Musician: Guitars/Vocals/Bass (elec.) | Producer
Supergod - The Movie (2012) DVD

Good friend & incredible visual and musical artist Patrick Canning released his debut short film under the moniker Supergod! and as a extra bonus included all his previous music videos.

The video for "Merry Christmas (I'm leaving you tonight)" has my first attempt at mandolin playing after borrowing the instrument for a day.

Musician: Mandolin/Bass (bonus track)
northamorica - feelin' so city (2011)

"feelin’ so city is quite loud despite the lowercase-ness. There is a big focus on the electric guitar and distortion which gives a very surreal feel to all the songs on the album." - Michael Thomas (Grayowl Point Blog)

Musician: Bass/Vocals | Co-Producer
Despondos - Love & Sleep (2011)

Wrote/arranged some tunes with two friends, called a drummer friend, had one full band rehearsal the day before recording then went into the studio for a few days and made this album.

Musician: Guitar | Co-Producer
hunting winter - self-titled (2010)

"A haunting and dramatic short player with bare boned but exquisite guitar playing and aching close knit vocal harmonies." - Patrick Canning (The Scope/Throwing Stones At You Blog)

Musician: Guitar/Vocals | Producer | Mastered
Great Diviners (2010) (Unreleased)

A un-released album on which I was fortunate enough to record along side pedal-steel wizard Bob Egan (Blue Rodeo/Wilco).

Musician: Guitar/Bass
The Evelyn Room - self-titled (2008)

“Brooding and bold, the haunting rock of the Evelyn Room’s Anywhere Than Here is the perfect soundtrack for a dark, introspective night.” - Kelowna Vincent (XM Radio The Verge)

Musician: Bass | Co-Producer
Two Way Monologues : Mixtape Volume I (2008)

A comp CD from the 'Two Way Monologues' showcase series at Rancho Relaxo in Toronto featuring 15 of the organizers, Dan Wolovick, favourite bands who had played the series.

Track 12 - Coast Guard - Out Like A Light

Brian Byrne - Tailor Made (2007)

"Tailor Made is what you’d hear coming from a musician who’s been straddling the boundaries of outlaw rock’n’roll and country grit for decades." - Amanda Ash (

Musician: Guitar
Coast Guard - self-titled (2006)

"With a gift for catchy guitar riffs paired with an infectious power pop sensibility, Coast Guard may be the most fun and upbeat band ever to emerge from St. John's." - Product of Newfoundland Blog

Musician: Bass